How TatraTea is made

TATRATEA HEARTMIX - 7 product videos

Tatratea 52% is a tea-based herbal liqueur made by Karloff Tatra Distillery originating from the High Tatra Mountains. The authentic picture of a factory production brings you closer to the process of how precisely Tatratea is produced. After two days of shooting and a consequent month spent in postproduction, we created two versions of the “how it is made” video. Here is the shorter one, so enjoy delightful taste of Tatratea.


We took preview images and shot a sample video of the TatraTea factory. We then met with TatraTea and prepared a shooting plan.


Two days of shooting included the use of a full set of lights, reflectors, tracking shots, Steadicam flyings and crane shots.

Post production

The post-production phase was completed within one month. During this process, we completed editing, color grading, the exportation of the video and the handling of comments.